Allow me to introduce myself

 Hey I'm Crystalteare!!!

     I am 36 years old. I was born and raised in the mountains of Montana. I moved to Tennessee in the winter of 1999. Since I can remember I have been interested in anything to do with art. From my first set of crayons, my first set of brushes, all the way to my first tattoo machine.
     I walked into Say Ow Tattoo six years ago. It was as though I met family I had not known. They immediately took me under their wing. I was home. I worked through an apprenticeship and stayed on after that. I have been tattooing and piercing ever since.
     Angel and Shawkey have taught me alot over the years and I am grateful. I learn something new every day. I think a major part in this line of work is learning. Shawkey  once told me "if you think you have learned it all, you are done," nothing could be more true.
     If I had to choose a specific style of tattoo I enjoy working on, hmmmm.... I would have to say Los Muertos, or zombies, kind of cliche but they are fun. The brighter the  better, and of course anything I get to have free reign design. So I have to end this with here is to the infinite number of years I am blessed to do what I truely love. :-)
Now Im going to share some of my work with you..

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